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Drowning Report 2019

2019 Regions




Although Auckland saw the highest total Drowning Fatalities with 18, the West Coast saw the highest per capita rate with 15.3 Drowning Fatalities per 100k population in the region.

Northland saw a significant increase in Preventable Drowning Fatalities going from 8 in 2018 to 16 in 2019.

Bay of Plenty dropped over 50%, going from 10 Fatalities in 2018, to 4 in 2019.


Tasman had 7 Hospitalisations in 2019, up from both the 2013-2017 average and the 2018 figure (2).

Hawke's Bay saw an increase in Drowning Hospitalisations in 2019 with 14. This was above 2018's figure (9) and the 2013-2017 average (6).



2019 Regions Per Capita



Fatalities Per Capita

An increase in 3 Preventable Drowning Fatalities in 2019 saw the West Coast maintain the highest drowning rate in the country. The West Coast saw an increase from 6.1 in 2018, to 15.3 Preventable Drowning Fatalities per 100k of it's population in 2019.

Hospitalisations Per Capita

Northland have the highest per-capita rate in the country at 9.0 Hospitalisations per 100k of it's population. Second is Hawkes Bay at 8.1 and third is Tasman at 6.5.



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